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If you are looking for healthy finger food ideas for your baby then you’ve come to the right place.

Once the doctor told me that I should start giving solids to my baby I panicked. Those few months on formula were amazing.

One push of a button and my Baby Brezza (best baby item and you can read more about it in BabyList and Top 6 Mus-Have Baby Items) which I adore, would dispense a ‘warm meal’ for my baby. I was getting too comfy!

My #1 reason for panicking was the fact that my baby had no teeth at that point so the term ‘solids’ scared me a little bit. 

Once I calmed down I tried to make some sense of the situation. I initially bought baby food pouches because they had the right consistency for her.

But as she started having a few teeth coming in and saw she had more control over her chewing I started making food for her.

You can basically give anything to your baby as long as you mash/blend it.

If you want to give finger food to your baby that’s a different story. You need to consider age and ability to chew and swallow.

This is up to you and the pediatrician. But, us, moms usually know when and what to feed our babies.

We have our way of figuring it out.

Here are 7 great and convenient finger food ideas to keep your baby happy and healthy.


Why choosing banana?

  • naturally sweet, thus appealing for babies
  • rich in potassium, which regulates blood pressure, prevents kidney stones and bone loss
  • good source of fiber
  • easy to store
  • good for on the go
  • does not require cooking

The most important reason for me was that along all of the health benefits mentioned above banana is soft and easy to mash.

Chewing is important because teething kicks in differently in babies. Before giving any kind of solids to your baby you have to keep in mind the chewing/swallowing aspect.

So anything you give has to be easy to chew and swallow. 

My daughter’s teeth started coming in very late so I was very anxious about adding solids to her menu. If you puree everything then you do not have to worry.


Why choosing apple?

  • source of insoluble and soluble fiber – helps maintain bowel regularity
  • lowers LDL cholesterol
  • lung health
  • maintains healthy weight
  • rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2 and C) for overall development
  • good source of antioxidants
  • prevents diarrhea
  • slow-release sugars
  • ***peeling recommended
  • can be frozen and blended and used as teething relief
  • served raw or boiled

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

I used a grater so my baby could eat it easier. She loved it because it was juicy and tasty.

***TIP I buy frozen veggies whenever possible because they are easier to store and last longer. They also say frozen veggies are actually a good option because they are packed at their ripest stage so you are getting good quality in the end.


Why choosing butternut squash? 

  • promotes eye health (zeaxantin, luteins)
  • prevents infections (Vitamins A, C)
  • builds immune system
  • maintains healthy digestion and prevents constipation
  • bone health – contains manganese
  • easily digested
  • low risk for causing allergies

I buy it frozen and it only takes just a couple of minutes to cook it in boiling water because it is so soft. It’s always my go-to food when I don’t have too much time available. My daughter loves it. 


Why choosing broccoli?

  • beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium and anticancer components
  • prevents anemia
  • excellent detoxifier
  • Vitamin K – involved in blood clotting
  • reduces constipation
  • folate – promotes production of new cells

I buy it frozen also because if I buy it fresh it usually goes bad before I even finish it so I’m wasting my money. 

If you want to mash it you have to leave it longer to boil. If you don’t then you just boil it for a couple of minutes. I usually cut the stalks (I end up eating them) and give my baby just the florets. 


Why choosing sweet potato?

  • appealing taste for babies
  • natural anti-inflammatory
  • 500 mg of potassium out of 4700 mg recommended daily dose
  • Vitamins A and C for eye health
  • magnesium for metabolism
  • low glycemic index
  • fat-free and rich in fiber

I buy this fresh because it lasts long enough. I cut it into very small cubes and boil them till they are super soft. I don’t mash them, but serve them just like that because my daughter likes picking up the food herself.

It keeps her entertained and makes her feel she’s in control of her food.


Why choosing carrot?

  • antioxidants with anticancer effects
  • highly promotes eye health
  • regulates blood sugar
  • potassium to fight against heart disease
  • boosts the immune system

I buy this fresh because like potatoes it lasts long enough. I cook it and serve it the same way I do with sweet potatoes.

I sometimes add butter or shredded cheese to give it some taste. Grocery stores carry frozen carrot cubes if that’s more convenient for you.


Why choosing eggs?

  • can be eaten any time of the day
  • rich protein source
  • Vitamin B12 for mood regulation, hair and skin health
  • help in wound healing
  • contain good fats and maintain healthy weight
  • Omega 3 for memory and inflammation

This is my baby’s favorite breakfast. To make it even softer and tastier I add a little bit of shredded cheese. Once cooked I break it into small pieces. Delish!

Here you have 7 baby finger food ideas. They are nutritious and easy to prepare.

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