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If you are looking for a fast remedy for your baby’s teething symptoms then you’ve come to the right place!

I barely gave my sigh of relief from getting rid of the brutal symptoms of colic that I faced another struggle with my baby: TEETHING!

Which is just as bad I would say because the discomfort is constant. It happens throughout the day or night rather than at certain times.

There is no pattern involved, but I must say my daughter used to cry more at night while sleeping.

Anyhow, teething took over my baby with horrible symptoms:

  • high fever
  • bad diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • loss of appetite
  • excessive drooling
  • and fussiness

A perfect nightmare which started when she was approximately 3 months, even though her first teeth came in at 8 months.

So what did I do to fix that? I fought against the symptoms individually.


Throughout the day my daughter used to cry out of the blue. Not to mention she was always sucking on her fingers and on basically anything that landed in her hands.

That’s because chewing on things massaged her gums and gave her a soothing effect.

I bought all kinds of teething toys, including the very famous Sophie the Giraffe. I tucked it away because I read some awful reviews saying it developed mold on the inside (as the baby chews on it saliva infiltrates) so your baby would end up sucking on that.

I even bought those cooling teethers, but my baby had no interest in them, so I gave up on that idea.

You see babies are different hence they react differently. What were her favorite teethers in the end?! Baby Banana and Nuby Silicone Teether.

She absolutely loved them and she is still chewing on them. I guess she likes the texture and the easy grasp.

baby teething symptoms
My baby’s favorite teething toys

Moreover, Baby Banana acts as a toothbrush too and that is something that makes ME super excited (I am a Dental Hygienist after all). So you might want to try these for gum massage.

When the discomfort accelerated and she would start being fussy or even cry I immediately applied Camilia Teething Relief. It worked in seconds, no joke.

This made her life easier mainly at night when she used to wake up crying.

baby teething symptoms

It was the only product that I used on her in that respect. I would use around 3 capsules in 24 hours. But that was only when she had the bad symptoms.

Now, even though she is still teething she barely has any of those. Thank God!

UPDATE: My pediatrician advised not to use any products of this kind. They are not safe.


When you have your baby in daycare you always keep an eye on your phone just in case you get a call right?!

Meanwhile, you pray not to get a call, cause if you do it’s usually for you to go and pick her/him up. Which means you also have to skip work. Not fun!

Yes, I did get the much-dreaded call several times because she had a fever. And it was during her teething period.

Motrin is what I used every time and never failed me. It lowers the temperature in a matter of minutes.

Whenever the fever came back (Motrin lasts around 6-8 hours) I used to give her Tylenol in between (per her pediatrician). The fever would go away.

Now that I learned my lesson, I always have them in my medicine cabinet. I have a mini-pharmacy!

baby teething remedies


Either vomiting or diarrhea were the first signs of her teething. After a few episodes, I learned that I should deal with them immediately rather than wait to solve on their own. Mommys Bliss probiotic drops would work in less than 24 hours.

baby teething remedies

I used the dropper directly in her mouth (always give medicine in the corner of the mouth, makes it easier to swallow) as opposed to diluting it in her formula.

Sometimes she didn’t drink it all so she was not ingesting the entire dose of probiotic.

To sum up, Motrin (Tylenol optional), probiotic drops, Camelia and teethers were my defense against my daughter’s teething symptoms. But I have friends whose babies had no symptom at all so you may be on the lucky list too.

As of right now, she is only chewing on her teethers from time to time (she still has teeth coming in) but thankfully she has no more other symptoms.

baby teething remedies
baby teething

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