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If you are looking for a comprehensive baby list to ease your motherhood journey then you’ve come to the right place.

Having a baby is wonderful without a doubt, but raising a baby can have its ups and downs, especially money-wise.

As any first-time mom would do, I bought many baby items before and after her birth for several reasons: I wanted to fulfill all her needs and because shopping for my first baby girl was fun and something I desired a lot.

Who can resist those pink, colorful, sweet baby girl outfits?!

Looking back though, I can sadly admit that I could have done without many of the items I purchased, meaning I could have saved the money or use it on something else.

I chose not to have a baby shower and just buy everything I needed on my own, but because I was still working part-time at that time my coworkers did throw a tiny baby shower.

Babies grow fast and they constantly need things and even to this day (my daughter turned 1), I feel that I am always running to the store to get stuff.

If I were to do it again I think I would spend my money more wisely.

Here is a list of items that I personally love because they are so worth the money and because most importantly they worked perfectly on my baby ( I do know that every baby is different, so feel free to add any other items that worked for your baby so we could all take advantage of this).


Needless to mention that baby clothes are more than necessary. As a mom, it’s you who obviously chooses what to buy for your little one.

I signed up with all baby stores/brands of my choice and always look for a sale or browse the clearance racks.

My favorite brand is Carter’s and I shop it at Target. I love their items and their variety. I actually happen to have a store nearby and I always drop in when I have the chance but I also shop online.

**TIPS Use onesies with zipper, not snaps, they are gonna make your life so much easier. Opt for socks with a non-skid application on soles.

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When you buy diapers you want them to meet the following criteria:

  • wetness indicator– my #1 criteria (this is vital  to me; you will fully make use of it during the newborn stages when you have to monitor the baby closely and make sure the system functions properly and during sicks times when you want to make sure your little one is not dehydrated)
  • comfortable
  • correct size – you want the diaper size to actually match your baby’s size; every brand has its own sizing system; don’t buy in bulk before the baby is born: you need the right size and you need to choose the Right diaper- try a few to find the perfect fit and look for any sign of discomfort that your baby may show
  • absorbent– you want great absorbency, mainly if your baby sleeps through the night
  • flexible– your baby will be super stretchy (mine acts like a gymnast) so you want to ensure he/she can move around and about with a diaper still in place (look for an elastic stretch, flexible closure tabs in order to avoid any undesired leakage – been there, done that)

My absolute favorite is without a doubt Pampers Swaddler.

baby items needed


This Portable Changing Pad is just awesome: you can wipe it, easy to maneuver and store and you can use it on the go. I have 2: I keep 1 in my diaper bag and 1 at home.

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I always choose unscented/sensitive skin wipes, no brand in particular. They happen to be a store brand (Publix) because they are very cheap.

baby items needed


Burt’s Bees cream is the very best.

I wrote a full article about this.

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Here is a very helpful tip: find one that is molded into one piece. Here is why: I bought several because that was what I had read online and because that is what they advise you in order to see which one your baby favors.

So I did.

But in time  I noticed the pacifier would develop mold in the middle. I freaked out: my baby was sucking on mold???

I immediately searched for ones that were molded into one piece and I found EcoPacifier one which is made of 100% natural rubber.

Problem solved!

baby items


Babies drool a lot! You would rather change the bib than change clothes, so you want to get a few. I used these because I liked the design.

baby items


I always kept them handy to wipe her mouth or her hands. I also used them while I bathed her: I used to cover her with 2 to keep her warm and 1 to wash her.

This is one of those multipurpose items.


I skipped these and I used my regular ones to wrap her after bath. I think they worked better because they were large and thick enough to absorb moisture and keep her warm.


I bought these recently, I kind of waited for her to grow a little. She goes to daycare, so at night when I bathe her she is so tired that she gets fussy almost.

She just wants her pacifier and milk, so she could go to sleep. But lately, she seems to be quite entertained by these toys.


Thank God I had one of these! That was the first thing I put my baby in. It was very soothing for her, it has different levels of swing, different sounds, light, and you can download the app to control it from your phone.

What can be better than this?!

At night when it turned off (it stays on for only so long) I used to turn it back on with 1 click from my bed).

What I also liked about it was that it kept my baby in a good inclined position to help her with the vomiting (they vomit a lot in the beginning). Amazon does not carry the one I bought, but it does have a similar one.


The best item ever! If I were to buy 1 item only this would be it. I am in love with it, because it is so multipurpose:

  • portable
  • snuggles the baby (makes them feel like in the womb)
  • washable cover

Once I started using the bouncer during the day only, I switched to this so I could sleep next to her and watch her closely during night time.

baby items needed

I so wished I had this in the hospital after I gave birth so I could keep my baby in it next to me; she refused to stay in her crib, I held her almost the entire time I was there. I got the infant size, even though they do have the toddler version.


I used this when she outgrew DockaTot and placed it next to my bed. When the baby grows a little you can just leave him/her in it and play safely.

This is also multipurpose. So my baby used to alternate between bouncer, DockaTot and Pack’n Play, this way she was always safe, she was next to me and I could do house chores.


I wanted something cute because this is something I will use for quite a while. I chose this one because it is pretty, it can be folded with one hand and additional toddler piggyback is available (which I bought to carry my stepson).

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I bought the car seat that fits the stroller because I wanted to transfer the baby easily to the stroller without waking her up in case she was sleeping.  

But I will be honest and tell you that the car seat is very heavy, and it gets even heavier when the baby is in it. I would not purchase it again.

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I skipped this one and used a cute bag that I had already and works just fine.

Read more about diaper bag here.

FORMULA (if not breastfeeding)

Colic was something I, unfortunately, had to deal with and it lasted for almost 2 months. I bought several items that were supposed to help, but I would say the biggest difference was switching from Similac to Gerber Soothe.

Read more about colic here.


This Baby Brezza is a lifesaver! All you have to do is press a button and you get warm milk.

I don’t know what I would’ve done without this.

baby items needed

It’s just like a coffee machine but works with baby formula instead. And what’s also cool about it, is that I am able to use the warm water on the go: I pour some from the tank to a thermos and use it whenever I have to mix formula.

It is the easiest thing to use, but not only that; it truly made my life easier, because my 1 year old still wakes up between 3-5 times a night to have toddler formula.


Initially, I didn’t want a sterilizer but one of my friends scared me with one of her stories (she thought she washed one of the milk bottles but she didn’t and her baby got thrush).

baby items

So I decided to purchase one just to make sure all the bottles get sterilized. I bought the same brand as my formula machine.

I like the fact that it has different cycle settings and I always use the fastest one (30 minutes).


I bought this set and the main reason I chose it was because it had the anti-colic device and I thought that anything of that kind would help my baby.

baby items

A good thing about this set is that it comes with a brush too. If you plan on putting your baby into daycare though, I suggest you get additional bottles, so you don’t go crazy washing and sterilizing all day long.


You will receive and buy plenty of toys, but when you do buy them choose wisely. I soon realized (my daughter was chewing and dropping every single toy) that certain toys are better over the others.

I generally opt for ones that: make noise, have lights, soft/chewable (I avoid fabrics-they collect dirt and are hard to maintain), not too big for easy grasp and toys that can be wiped.

Here is a good example that my baby loves. You may be interested in reading 24 Best Educational And Developmental Baby Toys


Yes, another problem that I faced: my baby developed a flat head (don’t they tell you to have the baby sleep on the back in an empty crib?!).

Anyhow, I got really concerned so I took measures to fix my baby’s head and to avoid having her wear a helmet. I bought these pillows (1 for stroller, 1 for crib) and guess what?!

Problem solved!


If you have a baby girl you will definitely want her to have earrings. I had my daughter’s ears pierced at 3 months at the doctor ( $50 procedure & earrings).

The earrings they gave her had to be worn for 8 weeks and after that, I gave her the ones I bought (Tous Baby Studs) and couldn’t wait for her to wear.

baby items

They are super cute, but they are more than that: white gold, bear-shaped (always get compliments), baby safety back and most importantly they are flat (no discomfort while sleeping or chances to get caught on things).


This is why I bought this: good size, easy to store, can be used for both infant and toddler. It works amazing and I still use it ( my baby just turned 1).

Its special design prevented my baby when she was an infant from sliding down.


You will find indefinite uses to this Vava baby light (I even use it at night when I go to the restroom or when I iron clothes while baby is asleep).

baby items you need

I got it because it’s wireless, cute shape, multiple brightness settings, good battery life (I barely charge it), waterproof (I touched it so many times with my fingers wet, I am surprised it still works), touch control and 100% child proof.

A must-have!


I returned so many of them until I purchased this one. It has adjustable lights and multiple sounds, I use it for naps during the day but also at night.

baby items

When I first brought her home, I put the white noise on (it even has one with a heartbeat). Don’t forget babies like noise and they are used to that; our womb is very noisy yet so comforting for them.


This was very useful when she was younger and her motions were limited.

Now at 12 months, she is all over the place grabbing everything from the shelves and racks, so I don’t even bother using it.


I made the mistake of buying the car seat that matched my Uppa Baby stroller. In my opinion, it has 2 major downsides: too heavy and too small.

When I realized this, I got rid of it and bought this one instead. I love it and the best thing about it is that it lasts you forever!

baby items


You have to have one of these to constantly monitor your baby while you are in the car.

baby items needed

This one has colors, music, lights and remote control. Just awesome! We have 1 in each car.

Once your baby is ready to sit in the carseat facing forward you can use one of these visor mirrors.

baby items


You will need this all the time. Make sure you even put it in your hospital bag, because some babies are born with long nails (mine was). I use it around twice a week, mainly after bath.

baby items

Find out more about your hospital bag essentials here.


This is one of the items you can’t skip. I have this one and I like it because of the adjustable tray, additional tray cover, adjustable backrest, and washable chair cover.

It is actually 3 in 1 so you get a lot for the money: high chair, toddler chair, and booster.


As soon as I started taking her to daycare, my daughter used to be congested quite often, on top of having a runny nose also.

baby items list

I ‘developed’ a recipe and it works all the time:

baby items list
  • Use humidifier during sleeping times
  • **Put a towel or two under the mattress where the baby keeps the head to maintain an inclined position


I chose this one mainly because of the color. I also like the fact that is solid and has perfect size.

baby items

Right now, I unscrewed one side and I attached it next to my bed so I can monitor my daughter.

I guess any crib would be ok, depending on what you are looking for. Do not forget about bedding sheets and mattress!

baby items

I spent a lot of time searching for baby products that did well on others; I somehow wanted a guarantee that they would not fail me, and they didn’t.

You may not even buy or need the items I mentioned. Instead, you can use this list as a guide when you start shopping for your baby or for your baby registry.

Some you will need them sooner, others you will use them later. Also, if you’re looking for useful tips on how to baby proof your home familylivingtoday.com has a great guide. You may want to check it out.

Enjoy baby shopping!

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