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If you are looking for cheap and fast beauty tips to help you look good then you’ve come to the right place.

When you have kids your needs change and your expenses go up. And not only that, you constantly have the idea of SAVING on your mind. And that’s ok because we all want a bright future for our kids.

And because saving time and money becomes a priority when raising a child no matter what age, here are some tips and tricks that I use myself and I will share them with you.


Face Scrub

Baking soda is just amazing!

It has so many uses: clean jewelry, clean teeth, clean sink/bathtub … it is almost good for anything and it is so cheap.

I have been using it on my face as a scrub and it does wonders. I have a jar in my bathroom so I have it handy and I use it every now and then.

While I clean my face I also clean my wedding ring and hands mainly around cuticles. You will immediately notice how good your cuticles will look after all the dead skin was removed.

*Another alternative for face scrub is cornmeal, yes cornmeal. I mix it with egg yolks, scrub my face for a little and then let it sit until it dries.

Face Moisturizer

My old friend coconut oil.

This oil has so many properties there is no reason why not to use it. You can actually use it from head to toe. When you apply it on your face though put very little.

It is very consistent and if you put too much it will transfer on your hair and it’s going to look greasy. Don’t feel afraid to touch your eyes with it.

I make sure I use it on my entire face and I noticed my eyelashes grew a little longer.

Facial Cleanser

I use 2 things and I alternate them:

I want to mention that ever since I started using these I hadn’t had any cold sore anymore.

Yes, I know cold sores are caused by a virus that never leaves the body and you can’t ‘cure’ that, but I am telling you that for whatever reason I stopped having those.

Every now and then I also spray these blends on my hair as well, mainly on the roots after I wash my hair.


I discovered a very simple and cheap way of doing this and I shared it in this article where you can read all the steps. It will take you less than 5 minutes to tint your eyebrows. I promise!


Nail Care

I stopped going to the salon because I was paying too much money. Instead, I developed my own nail routine that saved me a ton of money and time.

I was into gel, acrylic, deep powder, you name it. Thank God I gave up all of that.

Baking soda will remove dead skin and make your cuticles look very nice.

Do not cut your cuticles because they are not meant to be cut. You push them back and that’s it. They are meant to protect your body and once you cut them it is like opening a door for bacteria.

You can use coconut oil to moisturize them.

*If you have weak nails the very best treatment is Nailtiques. This restored my nails in no time after I removed my acrylics.

Nail Polish

I like having nail polish on my nails. What I don’t like is when they chip. I hate that. And with a baby in my life, I am exposed to many opportunities of getting there.

Here is what I do though:

  • First, you take care of your nails and make sure they are in a good healthy shape.
  • Second, you apply base coat. I actually use Nailtiques as my base coat.
  • Third, I apply nail color. I like OPI because even though it’s on the pricey side it is long lasting.
  • Last step is top coat. My favorite is Seche Vite. It dries the nails in a matter of minutes and that’s what I want. I usually do my nails at night so I just browse on my phone for a few minutes before my nails get dry so I can go to sleep. Imagine waiting 30 minutes or more?

My mani usually last about 4-5 days. I think it’s pretty acceptable.


If you live on a tight budget and can’t afford to spend money on the new sensation Olaplex (which does work, I tried it) you can use other things that can still make your hair better.

Coconut oil is again my first choice just because on top of its benefits it does not strip hair color (I dye my hair).

If hair color is not a concern, any oil would be good as hair mask: olive oil, avocado oil or even raw avocado. Eggs yolks are again a healthy option and you can mix them with oils of your choice.

If you take a closer look in your kitchen I’m pretty sure you can come up with hair mask ideas (honey, lemon, banana, yogurt). No need for further spending and you really don’t have to be a scientist to figure it out.

One of my postpartum symptoms was losing hair dramatically and castor oil helped me a lot.


Everybody knows about coffee being the leader in helping with cellulite. And if you are already a coffee drinker the job is half done.

You can either use ground coffee or used coffee grounds as a body scrub while of course, you can enjoy the smell in the shower. You can add some drops of grapefruit essential oil to maximize the effects.


If you really want to go organic/natural you can opt for castile soap.

I personally use it every now and then to wash my hair but it can be used for absolutely anything: face, body, house cleaning, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Moreover, it is totally baby safe!

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beauty tips
beauty tips

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