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If you are looking for diaper bag essentials then you’ve come to the right place.

As a mom, you want to provide good care for your baby. As a first time mom, you want more than that. You want to take the whole closet in your diaper bag.

I was like that in the beginning when, to be honest, I was a little lost and I wasn’t sure how things worked. Things work based on your needs and judgment and YES they will work out eventually.

Every time I used to get out of the house with my daughter I felt I was carrying some sort of luggage. Slowly, the bag got lighter and lighter up to a point where now it is always ready to go. I am not stressed about it anymore.


You pack whatever is necessary according to your baby’s needs and age.

The most important item is the diaper bag itself, whether you opt for a bag or backpack.

I never liked one with a hundred pockets. Too confusing. You are gonna be losing your mind trying to find something, especially if your baby is crying.

I used a cute bag that I happened to have. I open it and I see everything that’s in it. I don’t have to endlessly look for things.

diaper bag essentials
My diaper bag

But here’s the deal: I have a diaper bag and a large pouch. It’s in the pouch where I actually keep the diapers and all of that because in the diaper bag I also carry a sippy cup, baby food and snacks, so I don’t want to mix them.

Therefore, I have a pouch in the diaper bag.

My pouch contains:

  • Diaper pad (I love this because you can wipe it and it’s waterproof; I bought one for the diaper bag and one for home use, so when I go out I don’t have to worry about it)
  • The best diaper rash cream ever that healed my baby’s severe rash: Burt’s Bees (you can read more about it here)
  • Wipes (I use unscented, sensitive)

Besides these I also add the following to my diaper bag:

  • Water/milk (my daughter recently turned 1 and I do not carry formula anymore; I carry water in a sippy cup)
  • Baby food (I usually buy baby food pouches so she can eat on her own, no need to carry a spoon also)
  • Snacks (I grab one of her teething snack: these are her favorite and the individual packs come with 2 pieces which are more than enough)

That’s pretty much it! Don’t stress too much over it.

TO REVIEW whether you are going to use a pouch inside a diaper bag or not here is what you need:

  • Diapers
  • Diaper cream
  • Changing pad
  • Wipes
  • Water/milk
  • Baby food/snacks
  • *optional: ziploc, extra outfit, toys, blanket
  • *TIPS:
  • When you change the diaper put the clean one under the dirty one to avoid accidents
  • You may need a large ziploc in case you need to store a dirty diaper (you never know). I actually did need it quite a few times
  • You may want to add an extra outfit for your baby in case of accidents (e.g. diaper leaks). You can leave it in the car if you don’t want to add extra weight to your diaper bag. I keep her toys, outfit and blanket in the car.
diaper bag essentials
diaper bag essentials

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