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If you’re looking for the best gender reveal ideas to help you celebrate the news in a fabulous way then you’ve come to the right place.

Boy or girl? That is the question. 

But you can’t just simply answer. You have to make it memorable. And thankfully there are so many different ways to do that, whether you’re throwing a party or have a photoshoot you have options.

Check out this variety of baby gender reveal ideas.


Your guests will be impressed by these unique gender reveal party ideas. 

Exploding Golf Balls

Toss it in the air and make the delish of your audience, as the blue or pink dust spreads into the air.

Gender Reveal Pinata

Reveal the gender of your baby by smashing this pinata and let the confetti make the announcement. Turn it into an authentic fiesta by serving your guests with tacos and sangria. 

Gender Reveal Game Kit

This is a must-have for your party. Your joy is worth sharing with your loved ones and this poster is the perfect item for your celebration. 

Gender reveal Paint Gun

As proud parents to be you want to make an impression. Dress in white and have your guests aiming at you. They will surely have fun as they see the disclosing powder on your white outfits.

Gender Reveal Color Popper

To make it more dramatic have all your friends surround you (outdoor preferably) and pop a few of these for a picture-perfect scene. 


Here are some cute gender reveal ideas that will melt your friends’ heart.

Gender Reveal Balloons 

You can’t go wrong with this one. Have a large box filled with either pink or blue balloons ready to be released and share the joy!

Gender Reveal Confetti

Really get the parade started and let yourselves covered in confetti. Who wouldn’t want to take a picture of that?!

Gender Reveal Scratch Off Cards

How adorable are these owl cards?! You can hand them to your guests or mail them to your friends. 

Funny Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Cupcake Topper

Amaze your guests with these cupcake decorations (be aware, not edible).

Gender Reveal Eggs

Wanna be unique? Just crack the eggs. Nobody is going to worry about the mess.

Gender Reveal Spray Streamer

Time to act like a kid again. You have a good excuse though. It will make your guests giggle and bring out the fun.

Gender Reveal Stickers

If you have a sweet tooth (like all pregnant women) you can add to your candy bar some Hershey’s Kisses and stick these on the bottom. 

Gender Reveal Color-Changing Straws

If you are throwing a gender reveal party you will most definitely have drinks to serve your guests. Make it memorable with these color-changing straws.  

So which gender reveal idea resonates with you?

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