If you are looking for safe and fast ways to clean your house with a baby around then you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t you want a clean house? I figured. Me too. But when you have a baby and you are a busy mom cleaning your house is not such a priority anymore. Moms are too tired, too busy, they just have better things to do … like feeding a baby for example.

I understand all of this. I’ve been there. And I’m obsessed with cleanliness. Now I am happy if I’m able to brush my teeth in the morning. And if I manage to put my makeup on, I already feel in Heaven. 

Ever since I had my baby, I’ve had the feeling I was always behind with my house chores. My laundry baskets were always full, I always saw stuff on the floor, my kitchen looked as if I cooked for 20 people and I couldn’t even remember when was the last time I cleaned my bathrooms. 

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But enough was enough so I came up with a house cleaning plan that would fit any mom’s schedule.

When everything looks … not clean around me I get anxious. And I don’t want to be like that near my baby. My mom always tries to comfort me by saying “being messy is different than being dirty” and I kind of see her point. 

So I have to clean my house NO MATTER WHAT, but it’s not that simple when you have a baby (or more). You need time and baby safe cleaning products. Time being the keyword here.

But, no worries I am here with a purpose. I am here to help you. That’s why I am going to share with you my house cleaning routine and my choice of baby-safe products. If this plan works for me it might work for you too.

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How to clean your house in 4 easy breezy steps with the right baby safe cleaning products:


It makes sense not to use any harmful cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals and toxins. We want our baby safe at all times right?! So what’s a good product that is safe to use around babies and still gets the job done?!

My top choice (and that’s after I tried a bunch of other brands) is  SEVENTH GENERATION Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner.

The ALL PURPOSE CLEANER FREE & CLEAR and the DISINFECTING WIPES I use daily whenever I need (e.g. wipe my baby’s highchair tray).

baby safe cleaning products


  • The #1 reason in opting for this is the fact that it’s DISINFECTING. 
  • Another good reason is the fact that is MULTI-SURFACE, which means I can use it almost anywhere and I save money too. I don’t have to buy other products for other surfaces.
  • I also liked the fact that it’s very AFFORDABLE for the quality that I get.
  • Moreover, it kills COLD & FLU VIRUSES, mainly household germs like: 
  1. Influenza A virus
  2. H1N1
  3. Rhinovirus type 37
  4. Staphylococcus aureus
  5. Salmonella enterica
  6. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  7. E coli
  • Additionally, this botanical disinfectant is made from ESSENTIAL OILS with the active ingredient Thymol (Thyme oil).
  •  On the bottle it says it is SUITABLE for:
  1. Kids’ toys
  2. Appliances
  3. Garbage cans
  4. Countertops
  5. Highchairs
  6. Changing tables
  • And the best of all NO RINSE required!
  • Lastly, should I mention how good the LEMONGRASS CITRUS SCENT smells?!


Once you have the cleaning product of your choice you have to find a good storage place, somewhere where of course no child/baby could reach. And not only that, but also think where you keep it while you do the cleaning.

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If you lose your baby out of sight even for 1 second accidents could happen. And we know babies have a way of sneaking…

I usually put the cleaner with a paper towel in a bucket and just carry it around as I clean. And I always try to put it somewhere up high where my baby can’t grab it for sure.



Everybody has their own life, with their own schedule and necessities. You know better when you have a “window” you can use for house cleaning. 



This is a good time, mainly if your baby likes taking long naps. Mine naps for 2 hours, which gives me plenty of time to do my job. It also gives you the chance to still keep an eye on your little one while you clean. Another option would be at night after you put your baby to sleep.

The downside is that you may make noise and risk waking the baby up, which can totally compromise your house cleaning plan.

  • WHILE BABY IS NOT HOME (whether in daycare, visiting, with a relative, etc.)

This is actually a very good time because you don’t have to worry about anything and you can focus on your chores 100%. You can make as much noise as you want, you do not have to worry about any kind of smell (Seventh Generation will save you from the trouble) and you can do everything at your own pace.

I usually clean my house when my baby is in daycare, but if I don’t have the chance I do it at night when she sleeps.

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So you have the right product, you know where to keep it while you clean and after you’re done with it, you know when to clean….. But what exactly you have to do?!


  • CLEAN THE DUST – I use Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty 360. Simply the best, fast and easy on any surface: electronics, furniture, blinds, ceiling fans, even car
house cleaning with baby
  • CLEAN THE DUST ON THE FLOOR – O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop is my best friend. I’ve had this for years and I use it almost every day (I have a cat also). It absolutely slides and makes the job so fast. What’s cool about it is that you can use it either WET or DRY. The pads are of course machine washable.
baby safe cleaning products
  • CLEAN THE TOILET- I use O-Cedar Brush just because it has the self-contained holder to prevent splashes and I feel better knowing the brush is not exposed.
baby safe cleaning products

TIP: I pour some Seventh Generation Cleaner solution in it and dip the brush.

 I looked online but AMAZON does not carry this specific one. It does have another one that is quite similar.



  • Choose baby safe cleaning products: SEVENTH GENERATION
  • Be aware of storage before, while and after cleaning
  • Choose the right time: whether baby is home (nap time, bedtime) or not (baby in daycare, visiting)
  • Do the right things: clean dust (furniture, floor) clean toilets (self-contained brush) and any other appliances that you need (I use Seventh Generation for my stove, countertops, mirrors….anything).

It takes me around 30 minutes to clean my house.

Until next time,

baby safe cleaning products
baby safe cleaning products

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