If you are looking for a way of getting pregnant faster then you’ve come to the right place!

Getting pregnant was an absolute struggle.

I did get pregnant, finally! The reason I am saying this is that it took me 4 years altogether to get pregnant. If you are reading this it means you endlessly googled and researched for guaranteed ways of getting pregnant or answers to why you can’t get pregnant, just like I did.

I was upset, depressed, worried and frustrated.

Everybody in the world could have kids, except me. Everywhere I turned around I saw happy expecting mothers and babies. Of course! Isn’t this the worst nightmare of a woman struggling to get pregnant?!

I almost had some sort of adversity towards the happiness of any mom or baby that I saw ( it is absolutely inhuman what I just mentioned, but I think if you are going through this you know what I meant). Not to mention the bitter taste knowing that someone effortlessly got pregnant without even aiming for that. Bottom line, I was miserable. Sounds familiar?

I wanted a baby really really bad.

Why? I believe children are an absolute blessing. We carry them in our wombs for 9 months. We feel them moving inside us. It is amazing, unique! They give meaning to our lives. It is definitely not easy to carry and raise children (maybe I am saying this because I am a first-time mom), but it is the best thing ever!

Nevertheless, I was not that happy 4 years ago. I just couldn’t get pregnant. I took birth controls for many years. When my husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby, I obviously stopped taking them. Two years went away and I was still waiting patiently.

But as time went by, I was getting worried. And what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Infertility! So I went to a fertility clinic and paid $500 for an exam.

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The exam was more of a conversation with the doctor who quickly diagnosed me as being fertile because I was “young enough” and my medical history did not present any risk. And because I was most likely fertile, she wanted me to immediately start the process: first, she wanted me to start with some hormone pills if I remember correctly; if that would not work she wanted me to continue with some shots and so on.

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Basically, she wanted me to go through all the possibilities (from the simplest to the most elaborated). But I felt that she was taking advantage of me and she just wanted my money. These kinds of things can get extremely expensive. I know a couple who spent $30,000 for 2 In Vitro sessions with no luck. Based on the contract, they were supposed to get half of it back, but of course, they never did.

So my visit to the fertility clinic was not that exciting.


I did not give up though, and you shouldn’t either. What I did instead was as much research as I could. At that time, I happened to be in hygiene school and I had this classmate who had 2 babies while she was a student. She was perfectly healthy, but she did use some kind of a long thin syringe to get pregnant because she wanted this to be timed so she would not have to skip school that much.

Since I was hunting for any trick of that kind, I bought that syringe myself and did what my classmate did: put sperm into syringe, gently inserted syringe, slowly released sperm, laid down ( slightly tilted) for 30 minutes. It worked twice in a row for her on the first try, but nope, it did not work for me.

Imagine me having to see how fast and easy my classmate got pregnant, having to attend her baby showers and witnessing her pregnancy process. The worst part was when she gave birth and I went to the hospital to visit her. Again, I probably sound the worst person on this planet, but I do hope you get my point. It was very painful for me to digest her joy of just giving birth, because I was struggling of having a baby myself.

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So I continued my research day, after day, after day… I was determined not to give up. I REFUSED to give up! I prayed a lot also! I had to. That was the only fuel that kept me going.

Here I was one day doing my daily readings on that matter and I found this random old post on a random website written by a surrogate mom. Hmm, that definitely caught my attention. That woman wrote how she got pregnant multiple times ( she did that for a living) on the first try ALWAYS!

And because I had already read so much on that topic and was very very familiar with most aspects, her method made total sense to me. It is going to make sense to you too. If you have no fertility issues, if you are healthy, I think there is no way this method won’t work on you too.

That woman recommended placing a menstrual cup with sperm at the cervix on the day of the ovulation. So instead of having sperm spread all around in your vagina and hoping that some would get near the cervix, you keep all the sperm right where it should be (you are definitely increasing your chances of getting pregnant).

I won’t postpone this any longer and I am going to reveal what worked %100 for both me and this surrogate mom, even though I briefly disclosed the method earlier.

Here is exactly what I used and got pregnant twice (I miscarried the first time at 3 months due to incompetent cervix; find out here how I treated this and was able to carry full term my second pregnancy) on the first try after 4 years of struggling.

You only need 3 things in order to get pregnant faster:

  1. Ovulation Predictor Kit (you need to know exactly when you ovulate; no guessing allowed. I tried others, but this one seemed the easiest and most accurate)
  2. Menstrual cup ( I used this one because that was the only one I could find in the store at that time)
  3. PreSeed Lubricant (this supports sperm quality)
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pregnant faster
I still kept my ‘wonder’ products

*I also used a Sperm Test Kit just to rule out that possibility.

Once you have all of these you are ready to START!

The most important step is to monitor your ovulation and I strongly recommend the ovulation predictor mentioned above. I monitored my ovulation for a couple of months so I kind of had an idea when I would ovulate each month, but I always relied on the device. Also, I used a calendar and marked down my ovulation and menstruation.

You should try this method on the day of your ovulation. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Line the inside of the menstrual cup with sperm (*make sure the sperm is not contaminated with any other body fluids; you can have your partner ejaculate in a plastic cup. Then you can transfer the sperm from the plastic cup to the menstrual cup).
  2. Line the inside again with a small amount of PreSeed
  3. Follow directions on how to place it at the cervix (if I remember correctly, you are supposed to keep it inside for no more than 8 hours. I kept it the whole night; I placed it before bedtime)

*When you take the cup out be very GENTLE and PATIENT because it tends to generate a strong suction.

After this… you wait! You wait and have a pregnancy test ready. This is the one I used and I really liked it because the readings were very fast.

Do not be discouraged if you don’t get pregnant on the first try. You have to believe and never give up! Never lose hope! It has to work no matter what!

I really really hope my findings which are ‘clinically tested’ will be of some help and if they do please drop me note! I will be more than happy to read about it!

Until next time,

how to get pregnant faster


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