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If you are looking for more information on how to carry full term with an incompetent cervix then you’ve come to the right place.

Do you have an incompetent cervix?

I do.

Unfortunately, I found out about this the hard or the hardest way I should say: I got pregnant and had a miscarriage at 3 months of pregnancy.

Do you know how painful this is both physically and mentally?! Let me tell you: worst pain ever, especially when you wanted that baby so much…

It was devastating and extremely traumatizing to me. And to make it even worse it happened when I was finishing Dental Hygiene School, which meant I was caught up with all the stress of the board exams.

I knew I would try to have a baby as soon as I had the doctor’s approval, and I think this was what kept me still in pieces.


Mayoclinic states that it “occurs when weak cervical tissue causes or contributes to premature birth or the loss of an otherwise healthy pregnancy”.

This accurately describes my situation.

I GOT PREGNANT – I got pregnant for the first time using my long-researched method, but 3 months later I miscarried.

The cramps, which turned into excruciating contractions by the time I got the ER, started around midnight. I had no idea about what was going on and not for one second I wanted to think about my pregnancy being at risk.

Besides, who even knew I had an incompetent cervix?!

I MISCARRIED AT 3 MONTHS – As I was laying in bed in the emergency room (they put me on morphine, that’s how bad the pain was) waiting for the ultrasound results (they previously did an ultrasound, but refused to tell me if there was still a heartbeat) I had a spontaneous miscarriage.

Devastating! Even to this day, it is hard for me to remember those moments. No woman should go through that!

I GOT PREGNANT AGAIN – The ER doctor who took care of me became my OBGYN. I went to him for follow-ups after that sad episode.

Since I was already informed that I miscarried because of an incompetent cervix, I asked my doctor for help and I got it.

Once I got pregnant the second time using my method ( I waited 3 months before trying to get pregnant per my doctor) I took all precautions to make sure I wouldn’t lose the pregnancy again.

In order to treat my incompetent cervix my doctor recommended the following:

  • progesterone injections– done once a week up until week 22 ( I had them done in my thigh area and they were pretty painful, but I was willing to put up with anything to keep my baby).
  • cerclage– after I stopped the injections, he stitched my cervix in the hospital under an epidural and I was released a few hours later the same day. It was removed at 38 weeks of pregnancy. Coincidentally, the same exact day I lost my mucus plug and 3 days later I gave birth.
  • frequent ultrasounds– because I had a high-risk pregnancy, they closely monitored my fetus and did more frequent ultrasounds.

I did all of these and had a perfect, healthy pregnancy. One of my ex-classmate’s sister had an incompetent cervix as well and had multiples miscarriages.

She only did the injections and she still had a healthy pregnancy. If you previously know you have an incompetent cervix make sure you advise with your doctor and make the right decisions towards a healthy pregnancy.

There is no exact cause for having a soft cervix and you should not feel different in any way.

Some women are born like that and I am one of them.

Don’t either feel guilty or sick, because it cannot be prevented.

Instead, it can be controlled and that’s exactly what you should do if you find yourself having to deal with this: sick medical help!

incompetent cervix
incompetent cervix


  1. Hello,

    I just found out today that I have an incompetent cervix as well. My story is exactly the same as yours it gave me chills just reading your story. I had to go to the ER as well because my contractions were so painful (at the time I didn’t know they were contractions). I too was given morphine but it didn’t help at all. I delivered naturally at 12 weeks. I have been trying to find someone else who had gone through what I have gone through and will be going through when trying to get pregnant again. I feel guilty that it’s my body that is the problem. I am heartbroken knowing that my baby was perfectly healthy and it was me who wasn’t able to provide a place for them to grow and continue to develop.

    Did you have the option of taking the progesterone through a pill form verses the infections? What week did you take them until and what week did you have your cerclage? Did you have any complications after the cerclage? Was the cerclage planned no matter what or was your cervix shortening? Sorry for all the questions. It’s just a lot for me to process and learn about right now and I don’t know many other women who have had this occur.
    Thank you

    • Mada Reply

      Hey Amy,

      I’m very sorry you had to go through this as well. It’s both mentally and physically painful. But you have no reason to feel guilty. You had no idea you had a weak cervix and even if you do have a weak cervix it’s not your fault. My doctor told me that some women are born like that, that’s it. It’s nothing you can control. Yes, there are measures you can take once you detect the issue and that’s a decision you need to make with your doctor. I don’t know if they have progesterone pills. I had my progesterone injections done up until 22 weeks of pregnancy. The following week I had the cerclage done. I had absolutely no complication from any of these procedures, but that was just my case. Yes, my cerclage was planned no matter what. So, my doctor planned the progesterone injections, cerclage and frequent ultrasounds to ensure my pregnancy remained safe. My best advice is to consult with your doctor and have them guide you to make sure this doesn’t happen to you again. Feel free to contact me anytime at mada@momsandstruggles.com Stay strong and never lose faith!

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