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If you are looking to make bath time fun time for your baby then you are in the right place!

Is your baby fussy or crying during bath time?

No worries, I was in the same boat once. But here’s what you can do!

My baby used to cry really bad at bath time. I had no idea why. But of course, there could’ve been so many reasons. Remember babies can’t talk so crying is their way of communicating. 

Anyhow, she used to be really difficult mainly after I took her out of the bathtub, which by the way is the best bathtub not because I have but because it is very practical. It’s a BabyList must. I’ve used it until recently when I switched to my regular bathtub. 

As I was getting aggravated myself, I was starting to believe she was not enjoying her baths. But why? What went wrong? How could I fix that?

Another mom struggle… That I overcame!!! Thank God!

After asking myself a million times ‘why is my baby crying at bath time?’ I came up with the solutions. I tried these tricks and they worked. 

***Start giving baths to your baby as soon as you have a doctor’s approval, if your baby still has the umbilical cord DON’T. Wipe him/her instead.

Here’s what you need to consider:


Make sure your baby is comfortable and safe in the bathtub. I bought The First Years Tub because:

  • It has newborn sling for safety and support
  • It has a drain plug that changes color if the water is too hot
  • It has non slip pads which I love (padded headrest too)
  • Smart Design – bump in the middle preventing from sliding down
  • It’s 3-in-1 from infant to toddler


You also want to make sure the water is just the right temperature for your baby. After all, any detail is important and will make a difference. 

According to NationWide Children’s optimal water temperature for a baby “should be just above 100 F to prevent chilling or burning the baby”.

If in doubt, try it with your elbow. 

***TIP I used baby cloths to as a sponge


Toys are a good way to keep your baby entertained. I would recommend small size (for easy grip) and colorful (to stimulate the senses). 

I am going to tell you something really important. 

Don’t buy the common bath toys that you usually find in any store in the baby aisle.

 In my article BabyList, I mention how you should not buy pacifiers that are not molded in one piece because they tend to develop mold and your baby will end up sucking on it. Instead, buy pacifiers that are made of one piece like this one which I love. 

Going back to the bath toys, the same concept applies. Don’t buy the common ones like little animals for example. They all have a small hole somewhere and water gets in there and they will develop mold.

I made the mistake of buying them and one day my baby squeezed one of them and mold came out. 


So I bought other toys, better.

My baby loves these Munchin Falls. And I do too. They don’t collect water and every now and then I spray them with Seventh Generation to clean them. Easy!

Recently, I bought Foam Bath Letters and Numbers. I’m totally in love with them. When they get wet they actually stick.


The most important in my opinion!

My daughter loves music. I also registered her for music class at her daycare. Every Friday she has a 30-minute music session with a music teacher. I think it’s beneficial for her development. 

Youtube is my friend. I have my playlist with the songs I know she enjoys and play it in the bathroom. I can tell she enjoys hearing music on the background. She tends or “attempts” to dance. You can give it a try too.


Because your baby is going to inevitably get wet, you want to make sure your little one does not get cold.

I feel so stupid saying this, but I realized that keeping the bathroom door closed made such a difference. What I also do is turn the shower on at the highest level to kind of warm the bathroom prior. I let it run for 5 minutes while I get everything ready for bath time. 


Try to use the same room for during and after bath

In my bathroom I have a wide enough countertop which is perfect for my baby’s bedtime siesta

  • wrapping her in 2 large towels
  • toothbrushing (as soon as the first tooth comes in you have to start doing that with your baby; make it a habit)
  • blow-drying (if your baby has enough hair for that; mine does, so I blow dry her hair cause I don’t like the thought of putting her to bed with wet/damp hair)
  • Nail clipping – I like to do it after bath because she reacts better and doesn’t give me too much trouble when I try cutting her nails

Keep a toy nearby so your baby stays entertained while you do all of this. 

***TIP I keep all the things that I need for bath time in a box so I don’t have to run in 10 different places to look for things. 

I do everything I mentioned above every night. I am going to stick to this routine because it seems to fit my daughter’s needs and most importantly she stopped being fussy. I guess it’s worth a try if you are struggling in this sense.


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