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If you suffer from severe hormonal imbalance migraines and are looking for an instant relief then you’ve come to the right place.

Hormonal migraine natural instant relief. And no, it’s not a typo. Nor a joke. I’ve had severe hormonal related migraines for years.

I can’t afford to joke about this. If you’re here it means you suffer from debilitating hormonal (menstrual) migraines too.

And you know that migraines can’t exactly be cured because they are sooo complicated. BUT, I did it! I found a natural hormonal migraine treatment. If you want to find out how scroll down to the end of this article.

I decided to keep the initial article in case my readers want to read about how I struggled for years with severe hormonal imbalance migraines and the things I’ve tried (and evidently didn’t work, until I finally found a cure).

This is the initial article:

Migraines are the worst!

I’ve never had migraine headaches until a few years ago. I never knew what it meant to have a headache. I never resonated with those around me complaining about having a headache.

I wasn’t that compassionate let’s say.

Sadly my life changed when I started getting migraines. I still don’t know how I went from having no headaches at all to having serious migraines.

Nobody in my family has a history of migraines, so why am I a migraine sufferer? I may have the answer…


Approximately 5 years ago, I gradually started getting these headaches which got worse over time. Initially, I thought it was from coffee, so I stopped drinking it.

No change. But the pain was bearable at that time so I just dealt with it.

A few years went by, and the pain increased. Still, I wasn’t taking anything to fight it because I hate taking pills. I used to have it for days until slowly it would fade away.


Today my migraine is bad enough to take pills.

It settles always on my right temple. At its peak, it travels behind my right eye and down to my upper right molar area. But lately, it got so bad that I am getting other symptoms too.

In the past I had the migraine only, now it’s accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to light and smells. I had to miss work so many times because of this.

It’s horrible! I can’t function when I get a migraine and this is something that only a migraine sufferer would understand.


I read so much about this and I still can’t fight it. Migraines are complicated. If you don’t take the pills soon enough it will progress.

If you don’t take enough pills, it will get worse. And even if you do all of that you can still get another migraine the next day.

Apparently, migraines have no rule, they do what they want.

I believe my migraines are hormonal and I have good reasons to say that:

  • I get them before and after my period
  • I never had them while I was pregnant

Good enough?! I would think so. When I was pregnant I was the happiest person alive: first because I was pregnant and second because I was not getting the migraines.

I was in Heaven! I actually thought that I miraculously got rid of them.

Wrong! They returned soon after giving birth. Back to hell!


After my pregnancy, my migraines really worsened and I had to start taking pills. I told my OBGYN about it and he agreed with me on hormones being the trigger.

He prescribed me a continuous formulation of hormonal birth control (AMETHIA).

The whole idea was to continuously keep my hormones balanced as opposed to having fluctuations whenever I was getting my menstrual. I took the birth controls for 3 months with no result so I gave up.


Next, I reached out to my OBGYN again because of course I was still getting the migraines and for some unknown reason the symptoms were getting worse and worse.

This time, he gave me prescription pills (SUMATRIPTAN, BUTALB).

And here I was almost ‘excited’ I would say waiting for my next migraine so I could test the new pills. I was waiting for a miracle (still am). Migraine came, took the pills and … WORSE! How could it be?!

Those pills made me sooo sick. My nausea got so bad I couldn’t stop throwing up. I felt horrible so I promised myself to never take them again.


Back to square one: suffering from severe hormonal imbalance migraines and not knowing what to do. I decided to try Excedrin and I finally got SOME relief.

But I had to take them on time if not they wouldn’t work. So I wasn’t always able to use Excedrin effectively. If I wasn’t taking it at the right moment my menstrual migraine would progress and then it was too late to do anything anymore.

hormonal imbalance migraine relief

Recently, like yesterday, I came across this essential oil blend which can be used with a diffuser bracelet. It’s 100% natural so I’m in it!

The reason I went for this was that a few days ago I was having my migraine attack with terrible nausea and one of my coworkers gave me her lavender hand sanitizer.

I sprayed it on my hands and inhaled as much as I could (I was desperate). I felt so much better afterward. I was amazed.

So I thought maybe essential oils are the way to go. I do use lavender and peppermint, as you can see in the picture I posted above, but I really want to try this natural oil blend and see how the diffused bracelet works.

Let’s see. I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get to try my essential oil blend. Fingers crossed!!!

UPDATE: I got my diffuser bracelet and migraine blend. It smells so good, I can’t get enough! I haven’t had a migraine yet so I can try it out. Meanwhile, I did go to my OBGYN and he prescribed me birth controls with higher estrogen (Femynor) than my previous ones (Amethia). I’ve been taking them for 3 weeks now and no migraine yet. Let’s see what happens.

how do you stop hormonal migraines

UPDATE 12.6.19 No the essential oil blend did not work. My migraines persevered. They were getting worse and worse. And more frequent. I absolutely hated them. But I defeated the BEAST. I’m not going to write another article about how, when, where and all of that. Straight to the point.

Since my migraine was related to hormonal imbalance and since I was furiously searching for a natural instant relief I simply decided one day to order this natural supplement for female hormonal issues: Vitex Chasteberry Supplement. I was willing to try anything. And $12.79 was not going to stop me from getting back my normal life.

natural hormone migraine relief

Here I am today December 12th, 2019 and almost 2 months with NO migraine. Gone. Nothing. Not even a tingling behind my eye. Nothing at all. I am a new person.

how do you treat menstrual migraines with aura
how to stop hormonal migraines


  1. Miriam Guzman Do Reply

    I can totally relate with migraines and would definitely use the essential oils thank you for your advice

    • Mada Reply

      Aren’t migraines the worst?!
      Let me know how the oils work on you.
      Thank you

  2. Hailey Gerken Reply

    Hi there!

    I just stumbled upon this article as I am sitting here desperate for relief. Pretty much everything you said is my exact experience. Ive suffered from hormone migraines for about 3 years with NO RELIEF. They first were very consistent: lasts for 2-3 days before my period and then at the onset of ovulations. But now, they come during my period and then every two weeks. The only thing that has helped temporarily is an ice pack on my head, but that is only useful at night when Im not at work. Ive tried Excedrin migraine, but I’ve had the same issue where I have to take it at the right time. My migraines start out as just a tension headache along my forehead and then moves slowly to my right side behind my eye and ear. Since it starts as a headache, it’s hard to tell if it’ll be a migraine or not. Im going to order some of those supplements to see if they work for me too. Thank you SO much for sharing your experience. How often do you take them? Every day?

    • Mada Reply

      On the bottle it says to take 2 pills a day: am & pm, so that’s what I do. Hopefully, this will be the ‘cure’. But I’m determined to fight against it because it truly affects my life (and I have a 20-month-old who requires a LOT of my energy). Good luck!

  3. Hey! I have the same problems, before and after the period(never in it) With throwing up, diarrhea(like i got a stomach flu) – pounding headache and sometimes can’t even drink a sip of water or little bit of food, so exhausted also. It was gone for a half year and i really do not know why, now it is back again. Pills with low estrogen didn’t work for me, also painkillers didn’t work for me either. In bed, in a dark room.

  4. Lydia Holden Reply

    Hi Mada, I’m a little confused after reading your article. Because you mentioned your OBGYN prescribed you some form of birth control which you had been taking for 3 wks. Could it be possible that this was what helped no migraine to be occurring?? I’m curious because my OBGYN has recommended the mini pill for me for exactly the same reason. I suffer hormonal migraines twice a month and each migraine has me debilitated for several days. Its very impacting on my family. I’m like you in that i would prefer not to be taking medication, and I’m hesitating about taking a mini pill. Although when I’m experiencing a migraine and going through the pain, I’d do anything if I knew the pain would go away. So my question for you is……do you still take the hormonal birth control pills PLUS the chasteberry or are you just taking vitex?? This would be a big help to me. THANKYOU. Lydia

    • Mada Reply

      Hi Lydia,
      I mentioned I tried to treat my migraines with birth control pills (continuous formulation). I tried 3 different birth controls for several months, with no result. I gave up the idea of finding the right birth controls because they have no effect on my migraines. Vitex seems to work and if I do get a migraine here and there, it’s not as powerful as before. Hope it helps. 🙂

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