Stop Stressing And Get Things Done Before Your Baby Arrives.

Spend Your Time On The Things That Matter The Most Before Your Childbirth.

Let Me Handle The Weight On Your Shoulders.

This amazing PREGNANCY MASTER GUIDE was created to help you with that never-ending to-do list and allow you to enjoy your pregnancy!

Pregnancy is not easy. At all.

First of all, you have a human being in your womb and your body will pay the price.

On top of that, you have a million things to do before your baby arrives. If someone says that’s an easy task I’m going to … just take a deep breath.

No need to get angry.

Well, as anticipated pregnancy can get stressful. But does it have to be that way?


No, it doesn’t have to be that way especially when you have someone to help you. Someone who has been there already and made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

And because I learned from my mistakes, I created this pregnancy guide so you could feel 100% ready for your baby.

I’m pretty sure I was not your first stop.

I know you already googled everything and probably still are because you just don’t want to miss anything. Yup, I remember that feeling.

You just want everything to be perfect and you’re not to blame. You want the best for your baby. Who doesn’t?!

But all this preparation is overwhelming. You already feel overwhelmed with getting everything done immaculately and your baby is not even born yet.

You feel you’re going to lose your mind and you won’t have any left for your newborn.


This guide was created for you to help you get the most important pregnancy tasks done. Successfully.

It contains 50+ printable pages to satisfy your pregnancy needs:

THE PREGNANCY JOURNAL – the best way for you to document your unique pregnancy stages. You want to remember every step that got you closer to your baby. Years later, this will be an invaluable memory to share with your child.

THE PREGNANCY PLANNER – this helps you plan everything your way without missing any important aspects of your pregnancy. It tells you what to plan for and what direction to go so you don’t have to worry about it.

THE POSTPARTUM TRACKER – helps you stay on track after you give birth and keep your sanity. It helps with your recovery and tracking your baby (nap, feeding, diapers).

All this information is printable and you can access it instantly.

All in all, this is a guide that holds your hand throughout your pregnancy and after because moms deserve that.

It’s a guide that helps you stay organized and let me mention a few things that are included:

  • pregnancy trimester checklists
  • pregnancy symptom tracker for each trimester
  • how to choose the best daycare/nanny for your baby
  • baby essentials list
  • diaper bag checklist
  • hospital checklist
  • birth plan
  • postpartum checklist
  • daily baby log
  • questions to ask your doctor after giving birth
  • postpartum care kit
  • BONUSI included 2 bonuses for you because moms always deserve more.
  • BONUS 1 – 45 Self Care Ideas For Moms (Printable)
  • BONUS 2 – Weekly Cleaning Schedule (Printable)

So, are you ready to take the bull by the horns and be 100% ready for your baby?

There will come the moment when you realize that you (like all the other pregnant women out there) have a pregnancy brain.

It’s real and I used it as my excuse for all my clumsiness while I was pregnant.

This PREGNANCY MASTER GUIDE helps you keep everything together: your temper (first of all) and all the pregnancy, baby, and postpartum stuff.

You have everything in one place and can access it anytime, anywhere. What can be better than this?

This is your one-stop pregnancy guide. It helps you document all the important things so you can relax and spend your time wisely.

And of course, you won’t have to worry about losing I don’t know what note or list.

You can actually take it with you to the hospital. The birth plan that’s included will surely come in handy for you in those intense moments.

And don’t forget about all those questions you need to ask your doctor after you give birth.

I have 5 words for you: Do Not Worry About It.

I got you covered, so you can actually enjoy your pregnancy.

Control the entire pregnancy process and not the other way around.

Being pregnant is absolutely awesome. And you should keep it awesome.

Don’t get to the point where you feel overwhelmed and powerless.

To the point where you feel you’re going to have a breakdown because that to-do list seems to never end and there’s not enough time in a day for you to get things done.

Ditch all that chaos.

This guide brings you the peace you need, at my expense. How come?

Well, I made mistakes when I was pregnant and now I am sharing them with you to spare you from wasting your time and, why not, money.

I don’t want you to be miserable and not being able to LOVE your pregnancy time. Your mind and soul need to be ready for your little one.

You’ve got this. PREGNANCY MASTER GUIDE was created to help you.

Hey, by the way I’m Mada!

pregnancy guide for new moms

I have a daughter who really knows how to keep me busy.

When I found out I was pregnant I was in Heaven. I struggled to get pregnant so when my wish came true I was super excited.

But being a first-time mom brings worries too. I had no idea how to handle my pregnancy.

What to do? What to plan? Or what to google, right?

I realized I missed quite a few important things and I would do things differently if I had the knowledge I do today.

So here I am offering you a guide that will help you avoid making the mistakes I made.

You don’t have to lose your mind.

You are going to have everything in one place and you won’t have a headache.


Stop procrastinating with your pregnancy preparation and get things done now.

pregnancy guide new moms

Because I believe in my product and because my ultimate goal is to help moms in any way possible, I will refund you within 30 days if you think this is not what you were looking for.

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