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If you are looking for the best 6 baby items that are a must-have for your babylist you’ve come to the right place.

Having a baby is the best thing ever, says ME who tried to get pregnant for 4 years. But it is priceless indeed. Now, shopping for a baby is a different story.

Baby products do have a price and some can actually be too high to afford.

I plead guilty of buying too much. I got too many things that I didn’t even use or were no good for my baby.

And since I already made the mistakes I can spare you from overspending and tell you the 6 items that any mom should buy and that any baby would need.

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TOP 6 Must-Have Items For Your Babylist


I can’t stress enough how much I adore this machine. I started breastfeeding my baby but she was losing too much weight so the doctor advised me to completely switch to formula. 

That started a whole colic drama but I fixed it fast. You can read here how I did it.

Here’s why I like Baby Brezza:

  • Fast – you press the button and you have warm milk
  • Adjustable quantity – you can adjust the oz based on how much your baby eats
  • Baby safe temperature – it gives you the formula at the right temperature 
  • I use the warm water from the tank on the go – I pour some warm water from the tank into the thermos so I have warm formula on the go too
  • It requires minimum maintenance – I had read some awful reviews from parents who had trouble cleaning it but after a couple of times of doing it you won’t see it as such a big deal anymore
  • Prevents your baby from getting too fussy – when babies are hungry they get fussy, but because you only push a button your baby will never get to that point
  • A lifesaver at night – FOR REAL! My daughter used to wake up between 3-5 times a night. So I put the machine in our room ( I co-sleep with her and you can read all about why I chose to do this here) and even though I was getting up so many times at night I was still able to get some sleep because the machine made the feeding faster
  • It can be used for toddler formula as well – now that my daughter is 15 months old I give her Similac Toddler Drink and I’m still able to use the machine. It actually comes with a catalog and you look up your formula so you know what settings to use. Super simple!

2. DockATot DELUXE – Perfect for Co-Sleeping

The best thing that was ever invented for babies!

Here’s why I like DockATot so much:

  • Portable – you literally can place it anywhere you want
  • Snuggles the baby (mimics the comfort from the womb)
  • Washable cover (they have different colors too)
  • It comes in toddler size as well
  • But this is just great because you literally put your baby in it and place it anywhere. And if you cosleep with your baby like I do, you don’t have to worry about rolling over cause you can’t. That’s how it’s designed. 
  • It’s good for even when you travel. 


You will find indefinite uses to this Vava baby light (I even use it at night when I go to the restroom or when I iron clothes while baby is asleep).

I got it because it’s wireless, cute shape, multiple brightness settings, good battery life (I barely charge it), waterproof (I touched it so many times with my fingers wet, I am surprised it still works), touch control and 100% childproof.


You have to have one of these to constantly monitor your baby while you are in the car. It will help you so much while driving because you won’t be as stressed thinking whether your baby is ok and you can take a pick once in a while without any hassle. meanwhile, your baby will enjoy the music and the lights.

This one in specific has colors, music, lights and remote control. Just awesome! We have 1 in each car.


This Portable Changing Pad is just awesome: you can wipe it, easy to maneuver and store and you can use it on the go. I have 2: I keep 1 in my diaper bag and 1 at home. It’s essential for your baby changing station.

And as you can see in the picture it is wide enough for you to handle the baby while you changing the diaper (I feel like I’m fighting with mine whenever I change her).


Burt’s Bees cream is the very best.

I wrote a full article about this, that’s how much I love it!

There you have it: 6 baby items that I love and work great and I fully recommend for any mom.

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